Due to the relief the territory of the country is divided into the northern and southern parts. There are large valleys such as the Chui-valley (Bishkek and its surroundings), and the Talas-valley, and the kettle of the lake Issyk-Kul. The lake is usually called "The Blue Pearl of the Tien-Shan" or "Sea of the Kyrgyz" in the north of the country.

The name "Tien-Shan Mountains" mean «Celestial Mountains» from Chinese lanaguage. There are two uppermost peaks that found here: Pobeda Peak (Victory Peak) reaching 7439 m and the Khan-Tengri (6995 m). Victory Peak is the most northern peak in post- Soviet area positioned at the altitude more than 7000m above sea level. Tourists usually begin travelling in this area, from Karakol town at the eastern side of the Issyk-Kul Lake. They also can see one of the world's biggest glaciers called as the Enylchek glacier and the enigmatic Merzbacher's Lake, which vanishes every year, but then refilled completely. That is why many years scientists and explorers asked themselves whether it existed at all - some of them declared it was on their maps and in their descriptions, some presume that it did not exist depending on the time of the year and the level of water.

The Tien-Shan mountainous system is a very attractive and rich area and can boast with diverse kinds of mountainous landscapes, starting with green and fertile high-altitude pastures and valleys with woods to the sandy and rocky mountains and valleys and rocky which are snow-covered in the high-altitude mountain regions. There are some popular mountain lakes: the largest is called the Issyk-Kul lake in the country, which is used mainly for beach-holidays, and amazingly beautiful surroundings of the Son-Kul lake which is located at the promotion of about 3000m above sea level, and the Sary-Chelek lake which is found at the altitude of about 1900 m above sea level (see also the List of main touristic places / Son-Kul ; Sary-Chelek)

The beautiful mountain range with a lot of wild nature is the main attraction for fans because of its beautiful nature. It is branded by such animals like Marco-Polo sheep and the snow leopards, and such birds of prey as eagles, falcons and vultures. You will be able to see seagulls at the elevation of more than 3000m and find rare species everywhere around the country.

In the south-west, the Tien-Shan mountains are alienated into two main parts and in the middle there is a Ferghana-valley the biggest part of which is located on the territory of Uzbekistan, but the east borders also reach the Kyrgyz territory. It is popular for its rich productive lands good for cultivating where juicy and fresh choice of fruits and vegetables. In this part of Kyrgyzstan the populace is quite dense, and also the second-biggest town of the country is here known as Osh , with a population of around 300.000 people.

The southern part of the republic of Kyrgyzstan is strained by the Pamir mountain range, which well-known the borders of Kyrgyzstan with Tajikistan and China. There is a well-known peak called the Lenin's Peak (7134m), which is popular among climbers from all over the world, because its exactly not too demanding ascent.

Mountainous landscape offers something interesting for everybody!