Kyrgyzstan is a very beautiful country with a history of 2200 years! For many years Kyrgyz people lived like nomads. Their way of life was conditioned by the geographical position they mainly lived in the mountains. They had to roam around in order to find better pastures in order to let them graze. Only in the beginning of the 20th century they got to settle down.  Some of them live in the mountains; following the traditions of their ancestors ... 

Yurts are the homes of nomad people. It's been more than couple thousand years since Kyrgyz people had been living in yurts. It has a very unusual construction of wooden base inside covered with felt and can be built without using a nail. Yurt is constructed within 20 - 25 days. But it can last for 40 years. People can erect the yurt within one hour. Nomads could carry it from one place to another loaded by only 3 horses. 

The yurt has two parts on the right and left sides. The right side belongs is part for men and the left side belongs to women. Men keep their weapons, horse trappings, whips. The women keep different kinds of home accessories, kitchen pottery, tableware, as well as their jewels and ornaments on the right side. Here you can see a straw mat, which serves as a partition between the kitchen part and the rest of the yurt. There is a special place inside of the yurt which is on the opposite side of the door and it is called tor. This is the most honorable part of the yurt précised for the most respected guests (elderly people or guests). Women keep here blankets and rugs which they made themselves. All of them are stacked on top of each other in a neat order. Nobody is allowed to use them, because it is a sign of wealth. 

In regular nomadic villages there are about 90-100 families. Some Chinese foundations on the wars the Chinese came to the land of nomads decided to attack them early in the morning. But they couldn't fulfill their task.  Within one night the whole village just was gone! The whole village left the area so fast without leaving any tracks that the Chinese could only guess which direction they had left.

Kyrgyz shepherds most of the times chose uplands that helped them to keep track of their livestock, as well as to have a beautiful landscape around.

With our tours you will be able to experience nomadic life meeting local people and learning culture and traditions from them.