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Lexus GX470 


Toyota 4Runner 


Lexus LX470


Toyota Land Cruiser 200  


Kyrgyzstan is a country of the greatest people. The amazing culture and traditions of the ancient nomads are recreated here. That is why Kyrgyz national cuisine combines varieties of dishes of Central Asian nationalities like Uzbeks, Uigurs and Dungans. What is most interesting, the dishes here are prepared only with fresh products, which is a lot of importance for the guests of our country. In order to see everything by own eyes and taste delicious food it is better to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan.
It is important to note that Kyrgyz dishes mainly consist of meat from such animals as lamb, beef, horse meat and yak meat. This is due to the nomadic lifestyle. After all, the Kyrgyz loved and still love cattle breeding. Dairy products are also widely used here. And if you travel in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan with comfortable cars for rent, you will try the freshest and most delicious vegetables and fruits.
With the help of car rent in Kyrgyzstan you will have the opportunity to immerse into wonderful atmosphere of nomads and exchange culture and traditions. Why not? 

Mountains occupy most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, which is why the country is one of the favorite places for climbers around the world. For conquerors of the peaks, our country is a true paradise! We suggest finding cars for rent and achieving goal. One of the examples is our Company!
Three quarters of Kyrgyz territory is occupied by mountains, and the highest point of the Kyrgyz mountain ranges - Pobeda Peak. It is ahead of a dozen seven-thousanders in the Himalayas and located on the sixtieth line of the ranking of the highest peaks in the world. This is the highest mountain peak in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the mountains of the Tien Shan ridge east of Lake Issyk-Kul, closer to the Kyrgyz-Chinese border. Its height is 7439 meters above sea level. The summit was not conquered until 1956. If you want to conquer this peak, you can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and try your luck. The next is Lenin Peak. Its height is about 7134 meters above sea level. The mountain peak is located on the Chon-Alai Range, located between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. For the first time, Lenin Peak was conquered in 1928. Khan-Tengri peak or known in mountaineering circles as "master of the sky" is located on the Tengri-Tag ridge, on the border of Kazakhstan, China and Kyrgyzstan. Its height is 7010 meters above sea level.
The temperature in mountains is rather high and very cold. In order to travel there it is better to be in a good physical shape and have special equipment. Also it is better to use car for rent in Kyrgyzstan and feel safe. 

Mineral resources
The territory of Kyrgyzstan geologically occupies a unique place on the Eurasian continent. Kyrgyzstan has rich natural resources. There are deposits of more than 25 types of minerals. It is recommended traveling here with the use of car for rent in Kyrgyzstan! Definitely it will be interesting. Our company is ready to be your personal assistant in providing available car rent in Kyrgyzstan. 

Gold is one of the most valuable minerals in the world. There are approximately 170 loose and 2,500 indigenous gold deposits in Kyrgyzstan. A large gold deposit was discovered in Kumtor in 1992. The Kumtor deposit is located in the Zheti-Oguz region. Kumtor is one of the ten largest gold deposits in the world. Gold reserves of the country occupy 7th place in the world.
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Make your journey unforgettable with following cars: Toyota 4RunnerLexus GX470Lexus LX470Toyota Land Cruiser 200


It will be recommended to you to attend capitals of countries such as Bishkek city, Almaty city and Dushanbe city. Astonishing various places such as Issyk Kul Lake and we consider it like the pearl of elevated Tien Shan Mountains, astonishing Son Kul Lake which with the elevation of 3016 meters above sea level where will be the opportunity to meet real Kyrgyz nomads, and Tash Rabat caravanserai which is wealthy of the historical information will be attended by you.  It will be recommended to you to attend such as Bulunkul, Khoroh, Murgab, Khudjant.


The customer can pass the auto back in Bishkek city, or in Dushanbe city or in Almaty city. It is possible to write e-mail to us or call us it does not matter in what day of week because we work seven days per week. The skilled workers will reply you as soon as possible! The excellent service of our company is guaranteed the admirable tour!

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