Thank you for the incredible trip! Kyrgyz culture, hospitable team, wonderful nature and delightful meals, all these we had in our tour with you. Outstanding service!

Kelly, Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

We spent wonderful time in Kyrgyzstan in May 2018, when travelling there for 12 days with my friends. Our guide was very engaging and knew a lot of things about the country, people and culture. We had a comfortable 4wd van, reliable and always clean thanks to the driver, who also did excellent job. We made a tour around the country and stayed very satisfied with the services. Thanks for the great travel experience.

Hanan, Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.

My name is Piyush. We had an excellent Motorbike Offroad trip around Kyrgyzstan in July 2019. We are a professional group that travelled all over the world, we rented motorbikes with the help of this company and we received a kind, high-quality expertise support throughout the trip.

Piyush, Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are absolutely breathtaking and must-visit. Its countless mountains, rivers, lakes will never leave you indifferent. It will give so much energy and joy that you forget about hectic world of civilization being surrounded by such a beauty. Our manager arranged our tour with a big passion and devotion. Everything went smoothly and we simply enjoyed our trip!

Aliya, Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.

I am Kamol, we spend 12 wonderful days in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan during summer of 2017 and had one of the best travel experiences. I travelled over many countries and I dare say I know what it is like. Every detail of our trip was taken into account, every request or need was met which we highly appreciated. There were some issues but they were solved quickly so they are not even worth of being mentioned. Thank you for the amazing tour!

Kamol, Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.

I went on a 17 days tour through central Asia including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in May 2018 and I can only say that it was "the best trip we've had in our lives". And much of that we own to this great team.  Our manager helped us with all the logistics, places to stay for overnights, itinerary, and useful tips. We highly recommend his services and look forward to visit Central Asia again in future. In the case, we'll certainly be happy to contact him again and ask for his reliable help and advices in this fantastic part of the world.

Fara, Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.