Central Asia

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Our company specializes in the most exciting tours in Central Asia. It is worth noting that we also provide car rent for our dear guests. When traveling to countries known for high passes, it is important to keep in mind that cars that are capable of driving off-road are extremely necessary. Thus, you will find a large selection of modern and convenient cars for rent with a driver or without a driver. With the help of our reliable managers, all your issues related to the tours will be quickly solved.

We will provide you with a delightful vacation in all directions of the countries of Central Asia, where you can get the most out of jeep tours, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, trekking, skiing tours and much more.

This is a unique selection of tour packages compiled by our creative team, thanks to which you can explore the untouched corners of the nature of the great mountains in Kyrgyzstan, learn the long-term culture in Tajikistan, enjoy the vibrant colors of the domes in Uzbekistan, learn more about the traditions, tastes and aromas of modern architecture in Kazakhstan and also get acquainted with the mountainous landscapes in Turkmenistan and its endless fields.

This is all Central Asia! Rich in a constant nomadic culture!